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Certain dining management limited company welcome like-minded partners to join my drink fine products chain business, work together to create a better future. Headquarters has a strict eligibility requirements and selection procedures for the partner, if you have the will to become a part of us, please have a detailed understanding of all of the required qualifications, and to share our faith, so you are welcome to join.

A business so, join chain - Application conditions:

Possess good moral character and integrity;

- identity XYZ business philosophy and corporate culture;

- love drinks industry, has a strong entrepreneurial passion;

- willing to matters system processing company's daily operations and dedicated management;

- the ownership and management corresponding funds, fixed place, personnel etc..

Two, XXX franchise chain - store requirements:

Area of not less than 15 square meters of the actual use of - standard type store (except for a class of values);

- luxury stores the actual use of the area of not less than 30 square meters (except for a class of values);

- window width of not less than 3 metres, signs of not less than 0.6 metres in height, width of not less than 3 meters; water supply pipe diameter 25mm pressure 3kg, drainage tube diameter 50mm; can meet the electricity used by the 10kw;

- built by brand position need to plan the regional manager of the audit, the rear can be arranged to headquarters investigation -- signed -- training.